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March 14, 2022

Thinking of the Ukraine (T)


I thought I'd do a tribute table to the Ukraine.  Since their flag is blue and yellow I concentrated on those colors. 
 I feel like the whole world is looking at the situation from afar and feeling helpless.

As you can see we still have snow here, not unlike the Ukraine. I can't imagine being forced away from my home and to live out of bags and backpacks.  It's unreal.

I didn't have sunflowers for my arrangement but I added them through my place settings.  Ukraine is a very large importer of the world's sunflower oil exports.

This would be a wonderful summer tablescape but I felt the need to do this now.

My hairdresser is from the Ukraine.  She's been in America for 10 years.  She and her daughter came over after she married an American.  None of her family could come over to America and both her parents have since passed as well as her only sister.  I know she is overwhelmed with emotion about all of this.  The salon is sponsoring bake sales and other fundraising efforts.

Footnote: I didn't use napkins to help keep the design simple.

Pray for the Ukraine, they sure can use it.  

I'm including a link that her daughter has set up for donations.  
She has been able to deposit money directly to their family and friends through a banking app.



  1. Beautiful table scape. Yes, I think we are all feeling helpless and thank you for this post and the link. Praying for the Ukraine. :-(

  2. I adore this table. My favorite colors together before Ukraine and now they have so much more meaning. Thank you for sharing your hairdresser's link. We all feel helpless, wanting to do more to help, wanting to avoid WWIII, which seems less likely every day, and feel oh, so much, for these refugees with their lives in a backpack. Your table is a gorgeous tribute.

  3. I love your blue and yellow tablescape and the tribute to the Ukraine. To think those poor people were living their lives a few weeks ago and now are without home and country. I hope we can stop the madness soon. Praying for all of them. xoxo

  4. Oh Liz, you have set such a lovely table in tribute to Ukraine. It's so heartbreaking to see all of the horrors that these poor people are enduring. I'm sorry that your hairdresser has to see this happen to her homeland...I can't imagine...Praying for peace.

  5. This is a beautiful tribute table, Liz. Its just heartbreaking to see the images coming from the Ukraine, buildings, homes, lives being devastated. Praying for this madness to end soon and that Ukraine remains free.

  6. Liz, love the table and it is certainly a beautiful tribute. It is so heartbreaking to see what is happening before the eyes of the world. I have a couple of friends from Ukraine that have lived here for many years. However, they still have family there, so very sad. Praying 🙏🏻


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