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November 5, 2019

Brr....and Cracker Barrel White Rooster

Yep we got hit with a lot of snow day after Halloween.  Thankfully it's all melted and though we are experiencing weather in the mid 30ยบ's it's been mostly rain since then.

Today..the Japanese Maples are still hanging on.

I shot these pics through my window.

This is my Thanksgiving Cactus in full bloom.  It was outside all summer in the shade and I brought it in and soon it was budding out. 

I planted my Amaryllis today.  There are three Alfresco and two Elvas bulbs planted.  Hoping they'll bloom at a similar time but either way it will be fun to see them bloom!


Now the White Rooster
 Lastly Cracker Barrel has the white rooster back in stock.  I've posted my rooster several times which frequently is followed by inquiries of where I got it or if I'd sell mine.  So here ya go!  It's nearly identical.  It has a more modern white glazing and the head is straighter than mine but basically it's the same.
So that's a wrap! 
How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love the Rooster find for those that would like one like yours. Your trees still look so pretty even with the snow we had. We got that snow on Halloween. Poor trick or treaters ! It is cold here and not getting up past the 30's and even going lower this weekend and next week a few days in the low 20's. Crazy for us. We hardly had fall. I think we are in for a long cold winter. Have a great new week ahead.

  2. Oh Liz, That snow gave me the shivers just looking at it. I wish we could go without a winter this year. I just dread it so much. I love the white rooster. I bought a huge rooster one year at cracker barrel. Blessings, stay warm, xoxo, Susie

  3. Wow -- I'm so glad we got the cottage water closed off before this hit! Love all your fall touches within. Your home is simply lovely.

  4. Hi Liz!

    You know I have never had an Amaryllis and have always wanted one. I think those you chose to force bloom are very pretty ones!

    I cannot even believe all that snow - we had a few flurries but that was it - nothing stuck like yours, wow. Horrible Halloween weather this year for sure - day after was cool but mild and day after that and since sunny and nice Autumn weather. The poor trick or treaters. My 3 year old grand-daughterlasted all of about 20 minutes.

  5. The picture of all the snow is so pretty. Love that Rooster too, such a pretty and stately one.

  6. The rooster is lovely. We have never been to a Cracker Barrel, although they did open one in Sacramento. Wow, snow already? Glad the maples are still going strong. Stay warm and cozy.

  7. Liz, you have such a beautiful yard. I am sure you received a lot of snow like that of Wisconsin. Winter so early to an area already known for having hard and long winters. Oh well, it puts me in the Christmas mood. The white rooster is so lovely. I would love to own one myself but have too much already. I love your beautiful cactus. So gorgeous. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay warm!


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