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May 19, 2019

First Garden Tour

It's a slow spring up north here!  My tulips finally started blooming- yay!

I transplanted these to this location after they died back last spring so I was tongue and cheek about whether they'd come back, but they did!

 Opposite the other tulips these are almost fully in bloom!

 Along the pathway my daffodils are blooming.  They are an apricot color rather than the traditional yellow.

 Further down is the Jack Frost Brunnera which has just started filling out.  It will grow a lot more and their little flowers are the sweetest!

These are related to the "forget me nots" so their flower does look very similar.

 This is a big patch of Japanese (spurge) Pachysandra out on my hosta hill.  It's flowering right now.

I've planted some beautiful yellow begonias.  They'll fill in as the summer comes on.  Hostas are coming up all over.

 It has been raining so some of the leaves are floppy!

Something has gotten to the tulip bulbs.  There's only about 1/3 rd of what I planted coming up.

 I've begun planting annuals too.  There are some primrose coming up around the pot.

 One of the earliest to appear!

  I've started with my fairy gardens.

There are some sedum plants coming up and I've placed the houses near them.  We'll see how this turns out!

 Around the corner my stone house fairy garden.  It will take a bit longer for the plants to come alive and I'll be putting down some mulch.

 Over near the granite bird bath are some hyacinths and a tulip that's not quite ready to make it's appearance.  I've got some tyding up to do.  Those tulips are a fringed tulip.  I hope they bloom soon while the hyacinths are still blooming!

 I've made a little grouping at the corner of the garage.  Can't wait to see how these plants develop!

This is a new hanging basket I ordered from a company called Kinsman.  It's called the peacock planter. 

A little bit here and a little bit there it's all coming alive again!

So that's my first garden tour!


  1. It's lovely to see Spring coming to your garden, Liz. I'm sorry something has been feasting on your tulip bulbs. I have only a few left now as the same happened in my garden. Your fairy garden is darling and I love the placement of the sweet wee pieces. The new hanging planter is quite handsome! I'm happy for you as you've waited long enough!

  2. It’s good to see your garden again. It’s been a very slow Spring here in Wisconsin, too. My tulips vanished years ago...between the deer eating the flowers, and the squirrels digging up the bulbs, it just wasn’t worth it.
    Everything looks lovely! Happy gardening! ;)

  3. Everything looks so good! I also love your new hanging planter. I wish I had more spots to hang gorgeous things like that. Your fairy gardens are looking so cute!

  4. Liz, your gardens are coming alive. The tulips look lovely. I know between the squirrels and other critters, sometimes they disappear. Love your fairy gardens. The new planter is very pretty and so different.

  5. Hi Liz - I'm so happy gardening season is finally here. I really enjoyed your first garden tour. I think my favorite flowers so far in your gardens are the little primrose. It will be fun to watch all your planters fill in. Oh, and that Peacock hanging planter is gorgeous. I may have to spring for one of those. Happy gardening!

  6. Are you doing the happy dance Liz that we are getting our flowers finally. Your yard is already looking so great this early. Just think in a month how it will be. Your angel statues are so cute. Love the one where she is reading her book. Happy New Week.

  7. It is so nice when spring arrives and the garden start coming to life again. Good color and it’s wonderful to visit your gardens.

  8. Liz,
    I love viewing the Garden as it awakens in the Spring!
    I LOVE Primrose! I was first introduced to primrose in Germany.
    My English friend has two varieties growing in her Garden this year.
    "Mr.Ed" and I planted our first hostas this year. . .so excited to see how they progress!
    The container planters are looking lovely!
    Like you, I'm always thrilled to see them fill in and out!
    Thank you for this first Garden Tour!
    Truly inspiring!

  9. Liz,
    Your garden looks as lovely as always!! I adore the Fairy Garden pieces!! And I LOVE that pretty blue chair!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!

  10. Believe it or not, you are only very slightly behind us here. And I hope it's warmer, though I doubt it. It looks very nice, Liz. What a haven for you!

  11. I think we are behind you as far as the plants go, Liz. Our trees are just now starting to leaf out and I finally dared ut some potted plants outside.
    Your gardens are beautiful (as they always are), Liz. Everything looks so pretty. xo Diana

  12. Liz, it is so good to see your garden coming to life. The tulips are just so beautiful, and I do love your fairy gardens. Happy gardening and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  13. Oh Liz, what a wonderful gardens tour you have shared with us! Yes, you are about a month behind us - my tulips have been done a while. Weird how only a small portion of your bulbs came back. I tell ya those critters that eat up our gardens are voracious eaters, are they not? I really like your new "peacock" iron hanging planter - never saw one like that before. And Primrose - never really knew what Primrose looked like.

    Now - with that expanse of woods near you - how on earth do you keep the deer from eating up all your hosta plants? I LOVE hosta but our deer are so aggressive! In fact I really can't keep tulips - the minute ours bloom I have to cut them and put in a vase to enjoy. We are slowing evolving into daffodil growers b/c deer find them too bitter.

    I can't even believe your fairy gardens - huge! What a fun and whimsical thing to collect and work on!

    Liz - would you please write me an email with your snail mail addy? Thanks. Big hugs.


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