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December 7, 2018

This and That This Week #17

The amaryllis that I planted a while back are starting to bloom.  This one stayed a bit short and the other one is quite a bit taller but hasn't started to flower just yet.

It's been interesting to watch these grow.  I saw another version for sale at Lowe's and they come in a clear package with faux snow sprinkled on them.  They are a great gift idea especially for an office since you don't have to be concerned with watering them.
 I found the tin at a local gift shop.  I really enjoyed all of the different little buckets/pails, signage and things like this for seasonal decorating that I found this year.

 We got a lot of snow the other day and I captured a few shots with my cell phone.  I found the Candy Cane Lane sign at the same shop that I got the candle tin.  There's another bucket on the deck right next to the planters with the faux trees as you can see here.  The candy canes came from Lowe's (3 in a box).  They come with little stands to poke them in the ground but with our snow I chose to hang them on the deck railing.  We used large tie-wraps to fasten them with.

This is by the back door which we use the most.  I had hubby take these as he was leaving.  I see my mistletoe pail is turned wrong. Probably got moved after some snow shoveling. I've never created a cluster like this before.  I'll have to take some pics at night when it's lit up!  The Christms trees sign came from JoAnn's.  I found the metal wall piece at Michael's and with a coupon got quite a deal on it.  I used the same tree last year which came from Bronner's here in Michigan.

 The plastic jug has pet friendly salt that gets sprinkled often so it stays put there.  The tall plastic candy canes came from a store called Menards. 

 Back inside a little vignette to greet you when you come in.  I got the two wood looking pieces at Zehnders in Frankenmuth years ago. 

 The Merry Christmas piece came from Pottery Barn several years back.   The skate may have come from Kohls a while back too.  

A little nutcracker from last year seemed fitting for this vignette!

I think this is a great gift idea.
A friend turned me on to this ladder.  After he fell off a step ladder last year and was injured he set out to find a better one.  These steps are 9" deep so you aren't teetering on the typical 4" deep deep ones. It weighs a bit more (21.5 lb.) but it's rated for up to a 300 lb. person and extremely stable so I believe the weight is worth it.  It's 5.5" deep when closed.  There are little wheels at the backside so you can move it around easily.
These are a links at Lowe's "here" which has a great price on it and Amazon .  It also comes in a 2 step or 4 step version. (I am not compensated- just sharing) 

Wishing you a great weekend!


  1. Hi Liz,
    Your amaryllis looks so pretty and I love the pics of your outdoor decor with snow. We have not had any more snow since our 10 inches a few weeks ago. Would like to see a little so the ground gets covered. Everything looks so dead right now. My outdoor decor would look so much prettier with snow too.
    Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

  2. Nice step ladder. I really like that one! Your home and exterior look beautiful. (Loads of snow up there!). Very cozy and comfy and so fresh and lovely. The amaryllis is such a great pop of color!

  3. With your snow everything really looks like Christmas around your home, Liz. You have some pretty pieces inside and out! I really like the looks of that step ladder---much safer than most! Have a nice weekend and stay warm and cozy in your winter wonderland. ♥

  4. Oh all that snow!!!....We are getting our first snow of the season...love it when it falls...but over it in a couple of days!...our area comes to a halt when there are snowflakes....oh that ladder is great...love seeing all of your Christmas pretties!!! Have a Merry week Liz!

  5. You really created a gorgeous entryway! I got lazy this year. You’ve put me to shame.😔 Not enough shame to get out there in the freezing cold to do anything about it, but still...shame.🤣


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