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September 9, 2018

Hosta Shuffling, Turkeys and Limelights!

Well- here we are in the late summer heading for fall very quickly!  The impatiens have really spread out and until we have a frost they'll stay about like this.  Our evenings have been cooling into the mid 50's so we're already having those crisp mornings!  

I guess I should say I am never done with projects.  I bought a few more hostas (yes I did!) and decided I needed to make a change with some of the ones I have.  I dug from this area and moved a group of hostas to the other side and also relocated a few in this area.

Not a great picture but you can see the ferns on the right side earlier this summer.  They are a pretty accent.

Unfortunately the ferns are on the decline at this time of year and I decided that I needed to reduce how many I have especially since each year they are traveling into more territory and now infringing on the hostas to the left..  I dug out all of them in this 6 ft. wide section which was no joy.  It took a lot of digging because they have runners that can go quite a ways and pop up.  Just about when you think you are done there's more!

I took several hostas from that area I first showed and added them to this curved wall area.  Sorry it's so messy but that's how it goes.

On this side I put in a new one- the taller dark green one that is just about centered here is called "Hump Back Whale" and it's going to be quite a big one when it matures.

Here's a close up.  I found it at a garden center that was offering 40% off and it was a huge plant already so I'm tickled about that.

I dug up a few more of the hostas and set them in a row so they'll make a nice display next year.

These are the other two I bought on the discount.  They are called "Albiqua Drinking Gourd" I really ravaged the area.  Stepping on the ground cover and digging.  It'll all be good next year!

I bought some mums a couple of weeks ago.  We've had so much rain and little sun so they're just now starting to show their colors.  I bought them purposely with no open flowers to get the most time out of them.  There's an orange toned one, lavender, deep burgundy and yellow.

The wild turkey's have been visiting a lot lately.  I snapped these pics from the bedroom window so they're not real high quality.

I always think of that movie "Field of Dreams" when the baseball players come out of the corn field and then when they go back in they disappear.  These guys do that too!  All of a sudden one comes walking out and then more follow.  You just don't see them until that moment and when they go back in they seemingly disappear!  

I came out to get the mail and had to snap a picture of this Limelight shrub.  It always performs so well and doesn't mind our harsh winters.  


Thank you as always for visiting!  Leave a comment and let me know you were here!

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous garden, Liz! It's hard to imagine having nights dip into the 50s already, as it's still very warm here in Texas. Your impatiens look fabulous against all the various greens!

  2. So beautiful, Liz!! Your gardens are what I aspire to have.

  3. Liz your limelights are gorgeous. WOW those wild turkeys. I have a cute story about wild turkeys. I was driving down a street of some homes and saw this turkey on a porch with the feathers opened up and I thought to myself what a great faux turkey decoration. Then I saw him move lol! It just was funny to see this wild turkey opened like that on a porch in suburban homes. Happy Sunday.

  4. Beautiful as usual! Your garden posts feel like a mini vacation. The turkey reference to Field of Dreams is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Liz, my garden is such a mess. I see yours and I am so impressed. Gorgeous!

  6. You are always busy in your garden adding more beauty. I've never seen a humpback hosta--wow! We used to have a lady that had a hosta garden and every year she hosted "Hosta Walk"--she had so many varieties. Your's are still lovely after the heat of summer. Some of mine look exhausted. We've had 3.5 inches of rain in the last 24 hours and I'm sure my garden is thrilled. Love the beautiful limelight hydrangea! I can tell you don't get the heat and humidity we get--your garden looks so fresh and lovely. ♥

  7. We love the hosta.

    ♥ Mitzie Astro and Linda

  8. This is definitely garden goals. They are so beautiful. I love ferns and really love that border are where you have them. Beautiful.

  9. Absolutely beautiful hostas. Your new ones will be fabulous. I wish I could grow them. They are so lush and beautiful. I can see how your gardens bring you so much joy.

  10. Liz, your garden is so pretty. I am so envious of your shade. And, your hostas are so nice and they don't look as though they have ever seen a bug. Your impatiens are simply stunning. I would thoroughly enjoy sitting on your lovely bench and watch for your turkeys!

  11. Liz,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Your impatiens are so pretty!! It has rained here now for 3 days straight and what is left of my impatiens are rotting away.....

  12. Hi Liz - we must be kindred spirits when it comes to gardening! I just went to my favorite garden center yesterday to get one thing, but... you know the story. I have a love/hate relationship with ostrich ferns. They are so gorgeous in the spring. Happy gardening for a bit longer.


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