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July 24, 2017

Red Days of Summer

Each year I select a color for an accent and red was my choice this year.  I'm enjoying seeing it from the kitchen.  I've done pastels before and they are pretty but this stronger color catches the eye more.  Red also looks good as the fall season starts.

These impatiens really bulked up a lot recently.  The plant tag reads Super Elfin Red. 

All those hostas you see around the perimeter I planted the year we put this together.  
I dug them out real early in the spring and split them up.  I replanted quickly and kept them watered and they took right off. 
You can read about the garden patio beginnings in the link below: 

Little by little it's developed into what we have now. 

These impatiens have a nice shimmer to them.  I tried to capture it with this picture- if you look closely at the flower you'll notice what seems like a shimmer of gold on them.

I love the yellow color Hakone or Japanese Forest grass color looks with the red impatiens.

My hostas and day lilies are blooming.  I leave the hosta flowers (some cut them off) because I like them and the hummingbirds do too!

My favorite daylily called "Sunday Gloves".  

 A quick check in on the "forgotten garden" area.  There are some day lilies that should be blooming any day now too.

 The Mardi Gras Helenium, Sneezeweed is finally blooming.  I think it's a real cute flower!

 More cone flowers blooming with the Tuscan Sun, Heliopsis 

 I love this cone- it's a raspberry red color and keeps getting prettier as it matures.

I thought these cones were long gone.   There used to be more of them but it never was a very strong grower.  This one is called Sundown.  It came from a series called Big Sky.  

Do you think I like red? 😉
While we were gone on our short trip the Zagreb Coreopsis went into full bloom and so did the Shasta Daisies and more Cone Flowers (Little Annie)

My galvanized watering can planter has been doing great! These geraniums are called Patriot, Soft pink.  I put white Bacopa with them to drape along the sides. 

By the garage I have little planter full of white alyssum, vinca vine and Dipladenia (mandevilla family) I love the tropical look of this plant and how it blooms consistently.

Love their pretty flowers- so summery!

 These (Calliope) geraniums seemed to take so long to get blooming but now they're really going for it!

Fuchsia color with red mix- they seem to glow.

 The fairy garden is more secluded now with the big Annabelle hydrangea hanging over top!

 This flower head is absolutely huge!

Ha ha- my hobby decided to be a reference for the size! 

Thanks for joining me.
I'm linking up to Gardens Galore 


  1. Completely stunning, Liz! Your garden is SO gorgeous, it makes me want to buy a plane ticket and fly north to see it in person! Here in central Texas, everything in our yard is struggling with the 100-degree heat right now.

    1. Thank you so much! I can't quite imagine gardening in the extreme heat there in Texas but I have thought about it. I know I'd have to find something to grow if I lived there. I know when we reach the high temps up here I have to water twice a day.

  2. As usual, Liz, you really know how to put on a beautiful garden show! Every bloom is absolutely gorgeous! And I love your red impatiens! The area looks so serene and calming against the dark green foliage! I love it all! You certainly do have that magic touch!

  3. Oh my so beautiful. Your garden is absolutely breathtaking.

  4. Oh my goodness, Liz, your gardens are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I am STILL trying to get used to full sun gardening and after 30 years of being in the shade it is quite an adjustment. The old saying, "be careful what you wish for", is VERY true! Your patio is beautiful. What is growing between the stones? I wish we had done this at the old house, especially as the grass just did not want to grow. Hope you are cool, it is so blazing hot here:( Have a great day!!!

    1. Thank you Pinky. The stuff growing between the stones is just moss that started on it's own because of the shade and moisture.

  5. Your flowers and gardens are beautiful. Your red accent color looks wonderful and I love that it is an accent color w/ a lot of green around it... so many times, the "accent" color gets overused and loses its impact. Yours is lovely. :)

  6. The red is gorgeous against your lush Hosta plants! You always have such a beautiful garden, Liz. I enjoyed seeing your collection of cone flowers - so many colors. I loved visiting your garden today, as always! :-)

  7. So beautiful! I would love to pay a visit and take a slow stroll through your gardens.

  8. I am enthralled! And a bit jealous as I watch my garden struggle this summer.

  9. Loved visiting your garden today. How healthy everything looks.Your stone wall and fountain and planter full of flowers overlooking the stone slab walkway is stunning. Love how the moss has grown between the stone.I've never seen the red impatiens with a shimmer of gold before. Very pretty.
    Your Annabelle is gorgeous and so huge! Striking! Of course, your fairy garden is delightul!

  10. Liz, I am in awe of your beautiful garden! The hostas, the cone flowers, and the Annabelle draping over the fairy garden is truly stunning! I love your use of red with all the lush green! I did notice the shimmer of gold on the red impatiens, the small details on plants can be so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing at Gardens Galore! I am gleaning so much inspiration from all the gardeners!

    1. Thank you Pam. I am enjoying this link party you've been hosting so much! My brain shifts into "Garden" gear in May and stays there through September!

  11. I love your addition of your red impatiens this year with your hosta and Japanese forest grass! I so envy your shade, I have a teeny tiny bit to retreat to, otherwise we're sweltering in full sun and it was in the triple digits this weekend. Your watering can is calling my name. I can't grow geraniums for love nor money and have totally given up! I gasped at the sheer size of those beautiful Annabelle blooms.

  12. Dang, girl!!!! Your back yard is like a botanical antheneum!!! And Dan is such a good sport!

    1. Ooh thank you Alycia! Yes Dan is a good sport and supportive!

  13. Liz!!
    I agree with Alycia, your back yard does look like an arboretum! You and some other lovely Ladies on blogworld have the gardens of my dreams! Look at your blooms friend! You are amazing! If I lived nearby I'd just have to sneak over in the dark and clip some of these hydrangeas!


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