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May 8, 2016

No More Entryway Table

Back in February we traveled down to Grand Rapids in search of a chest of drawers that I wanted to have in place of the round table that I'd been using by the door.
Anyone of you that has followed me has seen many displays using my little round table.
 I've had fun using it for the holidays and seasonal displays.

When I got the masonite table it was the best I could afford plus it has hidden storage underneath which was always a bonus.  I've found it a new home near Dan's stereo set up and gave him a place to set his things.

2 months later it arrived. 

 I found it through Ethan Allen and was delighted to know it's made in America.   The handles are an antiqued silver.  Sometimes they look like a soft gold and other times more silverfish.

I knew right away that I needed something above it and didn't feel like anything I already had was going to work.  We were at a local furniture store I spotted mirror. I was sure it was going to work but after measuring it it was way too large so I had to let go of that idea.

I have a thing for the quatrefoil design so I did some searching for quatrefoil mirrors and finally landed on this one.  

A closeup of the antiqued gold finish.

I love stained wood so this was right up my alley.  I chose it because it also has the kind of coloring as our formal dining set, the dimensions were great and it offers a bow front kind of like a bombay chest.

My Pottery Barn candle holders ended up here and I really like it. At night they candles come on with the timer and give a nice soft glow.

I like that it reflects things in the room and the mirror offers a place to view yourself before you go out the door!  My chair works well with it too and even the legs have a similar design (didn't even plan that one!).   Now I want a larger rug that can encompass the door area and at least part of the chest to pull it all together as they say!  


  1. Liz, the chest looks great in this space and will offer you some good storage in the drawers. Good idea. The mirror is the perfect accent with this new chest.

  2. Liz, I love your new chest! It's lovely in your home with the pretty mirror. Ethan Allen furniture is so well made. It's what we have in our master bedroom. I know you are going to enjoy it in your home. ♥

  3. Happy Mother's Day!
    Love everything about this chest.
    The wood, the bow front and the curved legs, so so nice.

  4. Very nice! I love seeing great ideas lke this....very inspiring. It makes me want to re-do my entryway :)

  5. This is awesome. Beautiful piece and it fits you and your home. May the Games - of playing with it - Start ahahah
    Well done. I prefer THIS mirror you bought. So much fun!

  6. Your entry looks gorgeous. Very nice.

  7. Gorgeous chest and mirror. I love your taste, they are both beautiful.

  8. I absolutely love your new chest! And then the mirror, I love quatrfoil too! Excellent selections Liz! Sheila

  9. Absolutely lovely! Great decorating choices. You've accented that beautiful chest perfectly. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  10. Oh, Liz- your new chest is stunning! I LOVE how you've put it all together - it is absolutely fabulous. Well done, ma'am!!!! Hugs!

  11. Love your new chest....it is beautiful with a great design. The mirror really compliments the chest. How fun to add something unique and pretty to your entry. When I first got this post through Feedburner, it didn't show up.

  12. I love your new chest and the mirror complements it so well, Liz. I'll bet it looks so pretty at night with the candlelight reflected in the mirror.

  13. Good Morning Liz!
    Our Family has returned to California so I am back full force and you are my first visit of the day:)
    I love this chest, it carries a wow factor and the mirror you chose is lovely, I also like the finish on it.
    Great to see you at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday too!

  14. Liz, your new chest is beautiful! I think you'll love having the chest in the entry because of the drawers. We had one in the entry at our last house and I sure miss it here. Your mirror and accessories are great. Betcha you'll have fun decorating that spot too.

    So glad you joined Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We love having you. :)

  15. Great purchase! Your new chest looks perfect by your door. I really like how you have styled it.

  16. That is a beautiful chest! And I really like the mirror with it!

  17. Your new entry piece is just gorgeous! I love it! A large rug would be perfect. I am waiting for my Pottery Barn birds nest chargers to arrive today. Priced down from 30 some dollars to twelve. Love that place!

  18. Oh that gorgeous chest is sure to become an heirloom Liz! I adore the mirror! Thank you so much for linking up to Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You make our gathering a happier place.

  19. This chest in a darker color is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to put in our living room where the stereo chest used to be! It's beautiful!!! I love the way it kind of bows outward! It's gorgeous, it goes SO GREAT with that incredible mirror, and the finish on the hardware is remarkable!!! This is the perfect choice for that space, and now Dan can be happy with a place for his representation in the living room on the round table! :-)


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