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December 31, 2015

Looking Forward to 2016

Christmas 2015

Unfortunately 2015 ended poorly for our family.
My brother in law passed on Dec. 23rd so our family Christmas was difficult to say the least.  We all felt like we were on auto-drive and just going through the motions. 
Rest in peace Jim- you will be missed.
The funeral was yesterday.  There was a wonderful turnout and lots of love and support for my sister and her girls.  After a gathering at the American Legion Hall we left for home in Traverse City which is a good 3 hr. drive.

We came home to a snowy wonderland.  Nearly got stuck at the end of our driveway but we made it in!  When the county plow goes by they leave you with a nice fat ridge of snow and we kind of sunk in but thankfully Dan was able to "rock" (reverse-forward-reverse) the car and get it to move.  My snow tires are the best thing!

We had to shovel a bit to get in and then we found out our furnace had quit!  Yep… the icing on the cake you might say!  Fortunately Dan was able to get it running and determined what was wrong.   The house was down to 49 degrees and took a long time to feel warm.  We have a call in for some repair work but for now we're okay.

Before we had left I took this picture because I wasn't sure if I'd still see my amaryllis blooming when we got back.

To my delight when we got inside I found my amaryllis was still blooming.  I imagine since the house was cool it helped keep them from blooming too fast.

The amaryllis was supposed to be a deep red color but turned out to be orange!  Though it's not what I expected it's beautiful and I enjoyed having it bloom.

Not to end my year on an entirely sad note.  While our son and daughter in-law were visiting we took a day for ourselves.  We had lunch and walked around exploring the stores of my hometown Rochester, Michigan.  This window made my day at the bakery.  Of course we went inside and found some irresistible goodies too!




I'm ready for 2016- bring it on!

Wishing you all a Healthy,
Loving, Prosperous and Happy New Year!  


  1. Sorry for your loss, Liz...and for the hard time at the end of this year. I hope things are looking up for you and continue to do so in 2016!

  2. So sorry for your loss, it is always hard, but especially at this time of year. I wish you the Best Ever in 2016

  3. Liz, I am so sorry for your loss. That's a tough situation and especially at Christmas. I hope you get your home warmed up very soon.

  4. Liz, I am so terribly sorry about losing Jim. It is never EVER easy losing a loved one- but is especially difficult during the holidays. My sister lost a dear friend over Christmas, and an old friend of the family passed as well - so those two funerals were on the same day. No, never easy......I will pray for you and your family as you all heal. I pray your faith sustains you and keeps you in peace during this difficult time.

    May you be blessed this coming New Year with love, laughter, good health and peace.

  5. Liz,
    I'm terribly sorry for your loss, dear friend!!!
    May all your hopes for 2016 come to be!!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  6. Siento lo de su HERMANO... la vida es un seguir y seguir sin perder rumbo.
    Un abrazo desde CATALUÑA.

  7. So sorry to hear of the passing of your brother-in-law, Liz. My condolences and prayers to your family during this difficult time. It's always sadder to lose family members at this time of year. I think we're all looking for a better new year filled with kindness, happiness and peace. Best wishes, Liz!

  8. I'm so sorry for your family's loss, Liz. Our daughter's best friend's father died on the 23rd, as well. It seems much harder to take when it's Christmas or Thanksgiving. Every year, your family will have that memory, and I hate that for you. God heals our wounds over time, but the scar will always be there. I know you all miss Jim. I know you'll be a big encourager for your sister. What a beautiful scene to return home to in your grief. Such a blessing to have such beautiful snow. I'm glad Dan got your heat working! Your amaryllis is gorgeous, orange or not. It's good you were able to have a few laughs with your family. Happy New Year to you and Dan!

  9. Liz,
    I have been following you along the best I could on FB, with the move and all.
    I am so sorry for this loss and especially at this time of the year too. So many emotions run rampant at this time of the year without experiencing death.

    I am glad to see your amaryllis! She stayed glorious just for you, to brighten up your spirits and spread a little joy.

    Thankful that you are home, now you can rest up and turn the page on the chapter of 2015.
    Sending many wishes for a Happy New Year.

  10. So sad about Jim's passing. May all having healing thoughts, Your amaryllis is gorgeous. What a nice surprise to see it blooming. That's a bummer about the heating system Hopefully an easy fix. Rest up and enjoy the new year. xo

  11. God Bless!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. It's terrible no matter when it happens, but I imagine much more so during the holidays.

    Wishing you a happy New Year!


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