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December 17, 2014

Oh Christmas Trees

I have two Christmas trees- one themed and the other traditional. 

 This is my "woodland" tree that I started several years ago.  It began with the owl invasion that hit the stores and grew from there.

I start at the top and work my way down!

I nestled three birds cascading down from the top

 This one makes me sentimental about our Riley that we lost earlier this year.
It's not really woodland but it's an animal so I include it.

 A new tree skirt from T.J. Maxx hit the spot.  The little dear is from Pier 1 a while back.  They keep bringing more out each year so they are still available.

Always love the night time glow!

The living room tree.  I snapped some shots when the sun was out (which we haven't seen in a while) but it wasn't quite done with the tree yet. 

 A close up of the top of the tree.  I put a ring of the woven stars and balls around the base of the gold accented fern leaves that top the tree.

Dan got me this sleigh about 6 years ago from Boscov's.  I've used it in many ways including loading it with gifts for Christmas. 
This year I added a lantern with pine boughs and pine cones.  The faux fur piece adds a touch of warmth and cozies it up.

I love that glitter strapping material that came out last year.  This year I cut them into shorter pieces and attached them throughout.

I took this in the early morning.  We've been having foggy warm days lately.  
Snow is once again falling so maybe we'll have a white Christmas!

My technical assistant followed me everywhere once again! 

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  1. Awesome. Each and both of them.
    I could never put up two trees. When I finished mine - one - I was ready for a break ahahah a long and restful one ;)
    Your home is so cozy and sweet and that blessed light filtering and touching the colors and shines make it all so all dreamy and perfect.
    Here's wishing you a Happy and Blessed Christmas,

  2. Love your tall skinny trees ! They are both decorated beautifully !

  3. Both of your trees are beautiful, I can't pick a favorite. Your room looks so warm and cozy, the perfect room to sit, drink tea (maybe solstice from Peets, online) and watch the snow!! Have a wonderful day and thank you for your visits and your always thoughtful comments, Merry Christmas!!

  4. Your home looks beautiful, Liz. I love the angel wings, the tree topper on your traditional tree, and your sweet technical assistant.
    blessings, Beth

  5. I love both your trees, Liz. That first tree is so cute with all the owls and woodland theme. Just darling. The angel wings are a wonderful touch, too. xo Diana

  6. As anticipated, your trees are smashing! The skinny trees are so cool and present a whole new challenge in decorating that I really like. With 2 of them, it's twice the fun! I really Like the way you Did the tops of both trees. You have a great selection of woodland creatures! It's nice that you included the kitty... It is a nice memorial to Riley.

    Sunshine has been elusive here, too. We are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow. I will just lay here and watch it from my bed and feel sorry for those forced to get out in it. As long as there's no ice along with it and we only get a reasonable amount, I'm good!

    Enjoy your trees and the beautiful sleigh and all of your pretty Christmas decor! Oh...this is being typed on my IPad, so excuse typos, please. I still haven't figured this thing out completely!

  7. I love both your trees Liz. Absolutely gorgeous.


  8. Your trees are so pretty and dazzling. The woodsy tree is full of fun little creatures. Love the owls. Love the branches at the top. I do that look a lot. I adore the golden tones you have chosen.

  9. I have always wanted to do a woodland tree. Maybe next year! I found you via Bargain Decorating with Laurie. Come visit me at www.gracegritsgarden.com. Merry Christmas!


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