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December 20, 2011

Felize Navidad and Poinsettias

Felize Navidad
which means
Happy Christmas
or as we say 
Merry Christmas!
Since the Poinsettia was the focal point of my tablescape I got to wondering how the Poinsettia became attached to the Christmas holiday.  This is what I learned-
"The holiday's connection to the poinsettia originated with a Mexican legend. With nothing to give to the Christ Child, a youngster picked a bouquet of weeds as an offering. As the gift was presented, the weeds transformed into brilliant red blooms. Since then, the plant is known in Mexico as Flores de Noche Buena (Flowers of the Holy Night), or just nochebuena for short. The poinsettia's red "flowers" aren't actual flowers. They're bracts (modified leaves), and the little yellow centers are the flowers."
I'm featuring my poinsettias both in a 
live plant and in my dishes.
While I was preparing this table my radio was playing 
"I'll Be Home For Christmas"
which I thought was
 quite poignant since I will be
 doing just that
(heading to my Mom's) 
and I was feeling sentimental about wishing my kids were going to be home for Christmas.
I've added music to the blog with the song today so you can 
listen and share my feelings as I was preparing this table. 
(just click the large button to pause if you don't want to listen or mute your own sound)
This Santa boots are for candles but they ended up being salt and pepper shaker holders!  After I stared at them a while I realized the shape of the S & P Shakers
remind me of an old fashioned Christmas bulb!
 These poinsettia plates had to be a
part of this table setting. 
I wrapped the napkin and fork with a piece of wired ribbon- a little flair but easy to remove too!
I loved the sparkles on these napkins and had to have them!
 I love sparkly things and red! (Can you tell?)
Chirp wanted to be included too! 
I added a few ornaments to the basket to jazz it up a bit!
 We do have some snow out there, 
not much, but enough to make it feel like Christmas.
I loved those red spiral glasses the minute 
I saw them- I got the wine glasses too!
Thank-you for joining me. 
I hope your tables will be full of food 
and lots of love to go around- Cheers!

Wishing you all a very
Merry Christmas!

Sentimentally yours,

Featured items on the table:
Poinsettia dishes by Maxcera called  Honey Poinsettia (Home Goods)
Striped dishes from Pier 1 Imports
Red striped glasses from Younkers (Bon Ton )
Red coffee cups are from Dillards by Noble Excellence, called Candy Apple Red
Flatware from Neiman Marcus or Horchow called Sophia
Napkins from Pier 1 Imports
White Boots from Pier 1 Imports
Glitter candle holders from a gift shop
Red and white votive candles from Pier 1 Imports- Called Peppermint Creme 


  1. Liz you are so talented and unbelievably creative. This table is stunning. Love everything on it. Merry Christmas to you! xo

  2. This is beautiful, Liz! The S and P DO look like the old lights! I love the poinsetta plates!!!!! Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas!!! XO, Pinky

  3. I think your table is gorgeous and love all the sparkle. The Santa boots are so cute and different. Have a great time at your Mom's!

  4. What a charming table, Liz! Thank you so much for the background on poinsettias. I love learning interesting facts like that.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, my friend!
    ~ Wendi ~

  5. I'm fairly new to "tablescaping" as well, but love it as a hobby where I get to pretend I'm having a party but don't always have to make food, or wash dishes afterwards. Your table is lovely, filled with whimsical elements, especially the striped plates and santa shoes salt and pepper shakers. Super fun. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs. ~CJ

  6. Every element of your tablescape is beautifully conceived and executed. Love the striped plates for use throughout the year. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Beautiful and so Element for Christmas dinner for two. I love your dishes sweet... I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Liz with your Hubby. Looks like my Hubby and I are having Christmas home just like you. We had a water lick in the wall. So we are having Christmas with the Plumber Oh Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    XXOO Diane
    Merry Christmas.. Happy New Year..To you and your family.

  8. Hi Liz! Your table is darling! I love all the festiveness of it. The red and white just sings Christmas.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. I love red as well. Your poinsettia plates are gorgeous! Have a wonderful Christmas with your mom!

  10. If someone rings your doorbell and says, "Don't worry, it's just me,"....WORRY!!! 'Cause it's me coming to highjack those beautiful napkins!!! I will, in fact, have a very large bag with me to take quite a few items from this table with me. :-) Lookin' good, girl!!! I hope you have a good time at your Mom's house for Christmas. I know it's tough without the kids there, too, but I suppose this is the cycle of life we hear about so often. Doesn't mean we have to like it, though, huh? Te deseo un Feliz Navidad, tambien, y un ano Prospero Nuevo! (I'm a former Rodriguez, remember?) :-) Take care, my sweet Liz!!!

  11. Everything is just beautiful. I love the red and those poinsettia salad plates are so pretty. Everything is so festive and you look like you are ready for the holidays! Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  12. So pretty. Love your red and white. Nothing says Christmas more beautifully than a poinsettia.

  13. Your table is just charming!! I love those Santa boots and that's a very clever use of them. The red and white really is festive.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Liz, your table is so pretty and festive. Those Santa boots are so cute. I have never seen them. Love the poinsettias. The whole theme is definitely Christmas. I hope you are enjoying your family.

  15. What a pretty table! Love the spiral glasses and poinsettia plates.


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