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October 8, 2011

Fall Tweaking

Hello everybody and Happy Fall!!
         I've been working a bit on my fall display
                 on my steps going up the back of our deck.
This week I got a bale of straw and stacked
pumpkins, squash and gourds on it.
I found these mums that had this faded
pink coloring to them with a soft yellow center
 and I thought they'd be a nice change to the
fall decorating.
My daughter came home for the weekend and
she wanted to carve a pumpkin.  I knew if
we did it would be a shriveled up mess before
Halloween so we opted to do a little 
art work instead.  She painted
one of my pumpkins with a checkerboard
And I put tape under the leaves on a
 pumpkin and
gave it a spray painting!
I also got a new pumpkin yesterday
called a wart pumpkin
I know they are kind of ugly but 
I guess like the old warts on
witches I figured it's perfect
for Halloween!
 Now I have to get my husband to
stop blowing all the leaves away so 
it looks even more fallish!
(P.S. I found the lantern at T.J.Maxx)

Hope your fall decorating is coming along
and that you are enjoying this stunning
fall weather like we are having!


  1. I love your display, and especially the lantern. The wart pumpkins are rather scary looking, like they have chicken pox! :) xo

  2. So nice! I love your fall vignette.
    Love the wart pumpkin and your easy idea for painting one.

  3. Your fall/Halloween decor looks great! I love the pumpkin designs you and your daughter created.
    I only wish my husband would blow the leaves away in our yard!
    ~ Wendi ~ xo

  4. I absolutely love this, fall and Halloween decor is so much fun! Love those wart pumpkins they're perfect for Halloween.

  5. It's lookin' good, Liz! I still haven't done one single thing in the way of fall decorating. Just not feelin' it this year for some reason. Hmmmmmm.....Need to remedy that! LOVE the wart pumpkin! It's cool!

  6. Spray painting over the leaves is a great technique. Your steps look great! Cherry Kay

  7. Love your ideas and your fall arrangement is so fun with the skeleton over looking everything!! Great post!

    Miss Bloomers

  8. You have done a fabulous job! What a great presentation of all those pumpkins! Super cute & festive!

  9. You've created a great fall display. Nice pumpkin variety.

  10. Liz,

    This is my first visit to your blog via Between Naps on the Porch link party. I'll be returning! Your fall display of pumpkins and gourds looks great. I usually don't carve pumpkins this early in the season either. Do you suppose you will find two little field mice playing checkers on your pumpkin?

    Happy Fall!

  11. Your fall vignette is wonderful, love the painted pumpkins and the warty one! Thanks for the visit!

  12. Hello, Liz!!

    Thanks so much for your visit and signing up as a follower! I am your newest follower and I added your blog to my blog roll.
    I LOVE your skeleton and that sweet lantern!!
    Love it lit up!! So pretty!!

    It seems we have similar interests. I just got home from work ( work night shift ) and i am going to spend some time visiting your blog.
    I also have a Christmas blog so if you have a chance, take a peek at that one. I have all of my 14 Christmas trees posted on that one!!LOL!!


  13. Your porch looks wonderful! Love all the different types of pumpkins but I love the painted ones the most. What a creative way to display! Isn't Fall wonderful!

  14. This looks great! I love the way you stacked the pumpkins going down the stairs...and you have so many interesting different pumpkins; the painted one is super. simply a marvelous deplay for the season.(-:

    Thanks for stopping by to see me, it was nice to meet you.

  15. Hi Liz, your Halloween and fall decorations look great. You and your daughter did a fantastic job on the pumpkins. This is the first year that I've seen the warty pumpkins. They look like the've had a rough life but are so appropriate for the season. I've been too busy to get out to enjoy the beautiful fall weather but I think I am going to make some time, soon. Hope you have a great week!

  16. I just love your checkerboard and leaf painted pumpkins. You've done a great job on them. And that wort pumpkin is so appropriate for the season. Your created such a lovely display with all of the different types and colors of pumpkins.
    Marianne :)

  17. Love your creativity. Glad that you became a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Beautiful lantern... !!! Love the creative display of pumpkins too..


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