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September 6, 2011

Mmm...good apple pie!

Mmm...good apple pie! 
We had a stay at home Labor Day weekend all by our selves...but I went ahead and cooked and baked as though there were a bunch of us and we ate well!  

For Labor Day, I made Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Sliced Cucumbers with Ranch Dressing, and we had NY Strip steaks !  
I also made dessert .
 These little hand sized pies turned out to be a hit.  I'm going to work on making more and improve the baking temperature and timing. 
Funny thing they send you the mold for these but no instructions for how long too bake the little pies!
 I went looking for help and ended up on the Williams- Sonoma website and it looks like I they should be baked at 400 degrees for 20 min.  
I mixed my sugar, flour and apple pie spice together in a bowl.  I cut up three Granny Smith Apples into small pieces and libereally tossed them with the sugar mix.  Then I spooned the prepared apples into the pie mold and put small chunks of butter on top.  Then you put the top layer on and seal it with the ridged edge of the pie mold.  I tried using the same baking temp and time that I used for my Apple Pie (450) for 10 min. (instead of 15) then I lowered it to 350 for 30 min.  
They darkened a bit too much, but they were tasty none the less!  They also suggest basting the pastry with egg wash and sprinkling them with sanding sugar or large granular sugar.  I didn't do that because I didn't have that kind of sugar on hand.
I also over filled them a tad so they cracked at the center. 
You are only going to get about 4 of these 2 part cut outs from one normal sized pie dough recipe.
I actually bought mine from Amazon because they had three molds I was interested in, but Williams Sonoma
has a little video you can watch and learn how to use the mold.

There are recipes for Cherry Pie, Peach Pie and even Pot Pies. 

Well, I hope your Labor Day Weekend was enjoyable, one way or another!



  1. Your post is making me so hungry! I love your baby pies - how cute is that! Happy to hear you had a great long weekend!
    Hugs, Wendi

  2. Hand sized Pies look great Liz....
    Visit me if you can at

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    I love the hand sized pies... I need to get some. I did download the recipe.. Thanks so much Liz.
    I hope you have a great Day.
    XXOO Diane

  4. Sometimes just cooking and being by yourselves is the best-- relaxing and not stressful (unlike my weekend ha). Your menu sounds terrific, and the little pies look so cute and yummy! Thanks for your visit, I've missed being in blogland!! Will touch base with you soon!!

  5. I can't look! I'm on a low carb diet-have lost 18 pounds and am shooting for 20! I'm not stopping there and will go to 30, but have to get to 20 first! You are definitely not helping with those yummy treat! LOL!


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