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April 3, 2011

Time for a change!

I decided to change the color of my kitchen from a green color to a warm beige tone...I've had the green for 6 years and while I loved it, it limited me on changing up accents and I purchased a chest of drawers with a unique finish on it and once it was next to my green it looked bad...I've been waiting since last fall to get this underway, so I bargained with my husband to paint the kitchen for my birthday!  
So the above picture is with the green and the striped cabinet on the left is what started me on wanting to make the changes.  It's very olive/gold in tone and this wall color did nothing with it.

All stripped down and ready for painting...
The 3rd color from the top is Huntington Beige. I worked from this color group because I already have the last color on the card in the dining area and I needed the "olive" kind of tones in the paint...
 Jumping ahead to the next day you can see the color has changed and the striped cabinet doesn't clash anymore.
 Before with the green above and after with the beige below...
What I am liking most of all about this paint color is it changes personality with the light of day.  At times it seems to be a very light beige, other times it seems to have gold in it and then at times you detect green!  I'm happy with it and I love Benjamin Moore paints they hold up so well, are cleanable and the colors are always consistent.
 I removed the curtains for painting and decided not to put he valance back up. That caused a new problem because I had a conventional old style traverse rod hidden behind the valance and it wasn't exactly attractive.  After much contemplating, I decided on this dark bronze finished rod from Lowe's and some heavy metal rings that I found at JoAnn Fabrics (which had to be painted to match)

I am real pleased with how it turned out and taking away the valance made it feel less bulky. The fabric was ordered from Ballard Designs several years ago and I had the curtains custom made.  
They don't sell it any longer.
Next week I'll show more about the striped cabinet and a change I made with that already.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looks Great! Linking up w/you at Metamorphisis Monday.

  2. Hi Liz, your new color looks great!! Great choice!!

  3. Liz it looks amazing! It's all so bright and cheerful now. The new drapes are gorgeous. Great work!

    Happy Birthday! That was a good gift.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  4. Lovely! The new colour looks perfect with all the wood tones.

  5. A complete new change... specially I love the transformation of kitchen.. it looks really very different and soothing in many ways... i love the shade, it can goes for ant other next colour... you are not bound for any or two particular colour...
    great job Liz

  6. What a great Before and After...really lightend up your kitchen, now you can really see the striped chest! Love your curtains too!
    Visiting from MM!

  7. Liz, it all looks amazing, wow!, what paint can do! I love the color, it brought the whole kitchen to the spot light and your new window treatment is great. Perfect!
    Have a nice week.

  8. Liz, the kitchen looks great and I am glad you were able to get the painting done for your birthday!!!! I do love the new color! The new cabinet looks so pretty! I really like your curtains too. XO, Pinky

  9. Hi lovely lady. Im so sorry I miss your post. I can not keep up with you and Pinky !!!I do love the new color sweet lady, your Cabinets are just Beautiful Liz.

  10. Love the new color choice Liz...looks great!

  11. I LOOOOOVE the golden tone! It looks BEAUTIFUL! It looks like a BRAND NEW KITCHEN! Its amazing what a paint color change will do!
    Really pretty love!


  12. Liz, Love the new color and I'm going to remember the color name. I always try to use Benjamin Moore paints, too. They have the best colors.. as far as I'm concerned. Funny thing. My kitchen is an olivey color and I was thinking of changing to beige. Hope you have a great weekend.


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