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October 18, 2018

Halloween Carnival!

Let's have some Halloween fun!
Centered along the table are a cast of carnival characters dancing along the spiderweb path for today's entertainment!

Leading the carnival is Zelda who is a very chic good witch!

With her magical spell she created a whimsical teetering stack of pumpkins in her stylish pumpkin cart! 

Hilda the hippo is under her spell too and for one night she's a ballerina!

Together they'll entertain us with dancing and fun songs!  Let's go ahead and have a bite to eat!

For our dining experience we are using some Lenox dinnerware stacked on a deep orange plate.  Underneath is a glittery cobweb placemat.

Lenox Haunted Village plate set of 4. 

Using the same tablecloth and runner as last year but with a whole new look.  The crystal glasses are a set by Mikasa we bought for one of our anniversaries.  
I see I forgot to put the two stems back in place!

Velvety black candelabras from Pier 1 (last year) help light the pathway.

Scattered pumpkins line the path...

A carnival of fun and merriment for Halloween!

We hope you had a good time!

Tablescape contents:
Lenox Haunted Village cake plates
Orange dinner plates from Kohl's (Food Network) a few years ago 
Mikasa Windlass crystal highball and stemware
Black and silver placemats from Kohl's 
Black and silver flatware ordered from a Horchow (several years ago) no pattern name
Napkins from Williams Sonoma a few years ago
Witch is from Pier 1- available online only.
Whimsical stacked foam pumpkins from Pier 1
Hippopotamus from Pier 1- available online only
Candelabras from Pier 1 last year

I'll be joining:
Between Naps On The Porch

October 16, 2018

Fall Color Tour 2018

Last week the colors started to change rapidly in our area so we went out for a little color touring on Saturday.  This is heading down the hill not far from out home.  

As we made the corner I took a shot of this because this is looking at the woods that are behind our home.

We continued out of town going East and then North

Apples are ready for the pickin'!

Some of the most vibrant colors come from sugar maples!

Our area has primarily oak, maple, ash, beech and birch and lots of pine, fir and spruce trees.

After taking a very crooked trail we landed up in Boyne City and went through this little country style store.  They always put out cute displays.  We drove over to Gaylord, had dinner and got home around 9 pm that night!  It was a long but beautiful day!


Celebrate & Decorate
Inspire Me Tuesday

October 15, 2018

Bethany Lowe MacKenzie Childs Halloween Pumpkin Village

I collected my favorite Halloween pieces and put them together on my etegare to created a Pumpkin Village.  
 On top are a pair of Pumpkin Head party goers!  They're here to greet you!  They aren't labeled so I don't know who made them but they're always ready to join a party!

 I've been slowly adding pumpkins from MacKenzie Childs following their sales.  I am a big fan of Bethany Lowe pieces and this one is called Harlequin Child.

 I added this black tree which lights up and slowly cycles three colors at night (on a timer).
I made up a few little floral elements to add to the background.  

 This little girl is part of a 2 pc. set called "Trick Or Treater set" and the tall skinny pumpkin head figure (back left) was actually a find at Michael's this year but it had such a close look to the Bethany Lowe designs I couldn't resist it! 

 I love this little polka dot pumpkins from MacKenzie Childs this year.  

In the forefront is my "Sweet Halloween Clown".  Designed for Bethany Lowe by Mary Engelbreit.  The two taller ones were my first Bethany Lowe pieces going back a while but I can't recall their names. 

 The little guy holding the pumpkin on his shoulders is called Little Pierrot Odin.  The little boy is part the other part of the "Trick or Treater set".

 I chopped up some raffia to make a straw like bedding.  

 My largest MC pumpkin

 I hope you enjoyed my Bethany Lowe Mackenzie Childs Pumpkin Village!

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October 11, 2018

Floral Harvest Dining With a Vintage Feel

I cut a few more hydrangeas that have deepened in color along with some roses and sedum.  I thought it wold be nice to capture some more of my florals before we get a frost.

The limelight shrub out front is shaded with much darker tones now. 

It's gloomy outside and I'm not getting much help with natural light  but I did my best.  

I used my cell phone and seemed to get a better image.
We had a brief bit of sun so I rushed to take pictures but now it's all darkened again outside as we prepare for yet another bout of rain!

Copper works very nicely with the fall harvest tones.  I saw several other blog posts using copper accents with their fall decorating which inspired me.

I created a table last year with these same dinner and salad plates that you can see "here" but it really has quite a different look!

I like the mix of colors and the floral design on these salad plates.  I used a pumpkin charger on top of the deep brown floral placemats.  I chose the napkin rings because of the flower and leaves.   The colors in the napkins pulled on colors from the chargers and placemats.

Info is located below for all the table elements.

I hope you enjoyed my Floral Harvest Dining With A Vintage Feel!

Table elements:
Stemware from Williams Sonoma called "Vintage"
Pottery Barn "Vintage Floral" salad plates
Off white dinner plates came from Cracker Barrel several years ago- no pattern name.
Copper pitcher found at T.J.Maxx last year but I have seen more this year.
Napkins by Park Design
Metal napkin rings from Pier 1 at least 6 years ago
Pumpkin Chargers from Pier 1
Placemats by C & F Home -pattern called Amison
Bamboo flatware came from Horchow a few years ago- watch for their sales

I will be joining:
Between Naps On The Porch 


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