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May 29, 2016

Tales from the Chest

Well I just know you were all just chomping at the bit to know what I have done with all the drawers in the new chest!  Right??  LOL…
I made a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased these silverware organizing trays.  I bought some open ones to store the napkin rings.  I'm just thrilled with how organized this is.  The one holding the napkin rings in here is 18" long so it has a good amount of room.

Now before anyone gets any ideas of stealing from me- there is no "real silverware" in my horde collection of flatware.  

I have to admit that my most recent tablescape was so much easier to do than in the past.  
You may get a good laugh out of this (or at least know why I am known as Dizzie Lizzie)…. I had the table set up with the dishes and glassware and toddled back to my office/storage area to pick out my flatware and napkin rings.  I literally stood there for a few moments wondering why I couldn't find my flatware or napkin rings.  Duh… I laughed at myself as I went back to the chest of drawers that is conveniently near the table and of course there they all were!  I was tickled at how easy it was to select what I wanted this time.  Admittedly the trays cost a small chunk but I felt it was worth it to have the organization and not to cause any damage to the wood.

In my other chest of drawers in the living room I have a horde bunch of placemats.  I took out the round and square shaped ones and loaded the bottom drawer since they fit the small round table the best.  Slap me if I buy any more!  Good thing is that I organized them so the more summery stuff is on top.

So that's my Tales from the Chest

I am joining:


  1. I use those trays a s well, because I have numerous sets of flatware and napkin rings. It looks great to see it all organized. Your chest is a beautiful piece. Doesn't it feel great when things are nicely organized? Hope your Memorial Day weekend is fun.

  2. That chest is wonderful and all the trays are fabulous too.

  3. First of all, I love your chest. Second, I love the idea of taking one chest to store all of the flatware, etc. for table settings. I just moved a chest into our great room and may consider doing this. My chest is next to the kitchen, so it would be handy too. Great tip! Hope you are having a nice weekend. Our family will pile in on Monday!

  4. I love your chest and organization dear friend! It looks wonderful those great flat wares on the tray organizers, I have them too, nothing better!

  5. Your chest of drawers is so well organized, Liz. I know it must feel so good to get all like things together so you can set your lovely table. I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day tomorrow. ♥

  6. Oh I love the organization, Liz. Perfect way to organize your flatware sets. Sure makes tablescaping faster and easier, doesn't it? My coffee table in the family room has 16 drawers that holds my flatware and believe it or not, it's still not enough storage, lol...Christine

  7. Your organization of all of your pretties is just awesome!! Impressive!

  8. Organization makes all the difference! It will be so much easier to use all your beautiful things. I am in need of a major organizing blitz, thanks for the ideas :)

  9. What a beautiful chest and the organizers are wonderful. I have the bamboo flatware and love it!! Happy Tuesday, Liz ~

  10. Hi Liz, such a great chest and the storage is perfect for your flatware, napkin rings, and mats. I love to be organized, it makes me feel good. I'm working on organizing my pantry.

  11. I love how organized you are! That chest of drawers is perfect for your silverware and placemats. I wish I had a better place for mine. I like the little dividers you bought for your things.

  12. Love the trays and how organized everything looks. That chest is just perfect for all your silverware. Take care. Maria

  13. Oh you're so organized Liz and your chest is so pretty too! I have my flatware stash in Ziploc baggies with the pattern name written on them so I can remember. They're in a wire closet drawers, not nearly as elegant :)

  14. That looks wonderful, great job! I know exactly what you went thru, i used to do the same thing. It was awful when I had things all over the place and in different closets and rooms. You did a great job.

  15. Oh goodness gracious Liz! I love your organizational skills and how great everything looks. Your chest is absolutely perfect for your silverware.
    Thank you for the suggestion on the blog that you mentioned-I am following her now.


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