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December 9, 2014

Snowy Cottage Vignette!

I fell for these simple little cottages I found at Michael's made of cardboard and covered with pine cones and crushed stone . 

It made me think of an old English village that time has nearly forgotten about.

 They are a bit crude but I still like them.  They even came with the added green plants and shrubs on them!
 The pieces have a pre-made base under each of them that kind of dictated their position on the tray.  I used a thin white felt piece that I cut to fit the inside area of the tray and then I added snow and made little paths as though it was really in use!

 Old Mr. Sun was dotting in and out today- love it!

I found this Santa at Lowe's from their Holiday Lodge group and set it on a boxwood candle ring.  It's made to look like a piece of carved birch!

This decorative accent plate was from Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago.  I figured I'd grab it while I was there since things seem to sell quickly there.  

I have a tree skirt which I've used on my round end table before and this year I realized the underside was done so nicely I could get away with using it.  I gave it an ironing to smooth out the little wrinkles, tossed it on and was pleased with the new look I got from it!  The tray conveniently covers the center opening for the tree.  See below for how it looks underneath with the fabric normally displayed.
Tree skirt on table 2013
The white tree is from Target this year.  It has sparkles on it but it doesn't show here.

A little something to enjoy viewing while I watch tv at night!

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  1. Very pretty ! Love those little houses !

  2. Aren't those sweet little cottages! And I always like a good Father Christmas.

  3. Hi Liz! I love your little village and am so enjoying seeing your Christmas decor in your lovely home.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. I just love the sweet cottages!....beautiful vignette Liz....and I can relate to the sun peeking in and out...

  5. I think the "crude" composition of the cottages is what makes them so appealing. I'm sure they didn't have the kind of technology to get things perfect like we have in modern times, so there was a solid craftsmanship that was not quite perfect but still lasting....unlike modern times! :-)

    I love that Lowe's Santa! Those are the kind of Santas I like to have out. The more antiquated in appearance, the better for me! They just have more of a SAINT Nicholas look to them.

    I'm diggin' your use of the tree skirt on the table! Gotta get creative!

  6. Liz your home looks so lovely. I really like the little houses, they are perfect! XX Jo

  7. LOVE your little woodsy houses vignette.! I saw the houses at our Michael's a few weeks ago, and thought they were so cute, but the two they had left were "shop worn" and missing a few bits. Your Santa is perfect with it, too.

  8. Hi Liz, what a beautiful vignette displayed so pretty. I love those cottages and they do look like they are from a quaint old village. The Santa is gorgeous and I have one from a few years ago similar, He is perfect in a woodland style theme.
    You create such cozy spaces to enjoy. Thanks for sharing and always the inspiration.
    Happy Wednesday!

  9. These are so adorable and you presented them in such an adorable way. I feel like I could be tucked up in a cabin in the woods!

  10. Love your vignette Liz. Cute little houses and love the white bottlebrush tree.

  11. Liz,
    The English Village is so~o~o cleverly displayed atop your snowy tray, dear friend!!!
    I adore how you use your "former" Christmas Tree Skirt as a table topper!!!
    This vignette is one that could easily transition right into Winter after Christmas!!!
    Well done!!!


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