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December 18, 2014

Holiday Mantel 2014

The doves were gifted to me from Betty at BettyMarie's  several years ago and they've become an integral part of my mantels.
Please click the link to Betty's blog and pay her a visit.  She's the primary caretaker of her spouse and finds herself unable to get out and do much anymore.  She can use some cheering up and I know we bloggers are good for that!    

I spotted this large urn at a store and I liked the red sticks popping out of the evergreen branches and this was the inspiration for how I decorated the two mercury glass vases this year.  I used the same vases as seen "here in 2013"

 These red sticks were about 5 ft. tall.  I figured out how tall I wanted them and cut them shorter then placed the evergreen branches around them.  My version has a tighter straighter look because of the narrowness of my vases compared to my inspiration piece.  Pat over at Crooked Creektt did a version of the vase too as seen "here"  She was inspired by  the picture that I had posted on Facebook.

A variety of glass and real pine cones were scattered throughout.  I wanted an elegant look this year but I also wanted the grounding of some organic touches.

 I came across the beaded garland at a little boutique store and added the glittery gold tassel to give it a finished look. 

Tuesday's at our Home

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  1. It's lovely, Liz. Your version is more beautiful than the inspiration! Everything on your mantel is golden and glittery...perfect for Christmas. Nice touch, too, adding the tassel to the beads. :-)

  2. Very elegant look Liz. The doves are so pretty. Your inspiration is lovely with the sticks. Gold is such a pretty rich color and everything glows. Enjoy.

  3. Hi Liz! Oh, this is gorgeous all golden and glitzy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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