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April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

I'm  excited about the Royal Wedding! 
It's hard to believe it was 30 years
ago when Diana and Charles were wed.  
I watched it with such enthusiasm- it was my first 
experience seeing something like that.  
My boss even let me have the day off so I could watch it! 

It's a wonderful experience to see the crowds of people
that turn out to witness this event and show their support!
This was the beginning of what seemed to be a fairytale, but
as we all know it did not end up that way.
I was sickened to watch the breakdown of their marriage
and the unimaginable loss of Diana.
As a mother I know Diana is watching over her son and 
if she were here she would have had a wealth
of advice for Kate.
I am thrilled to see William's lovely bride Kate 
(the Brits have already nicknamed her "Kate the Great")
They already seem to be a great couple and I think 
she has a much better chance of surviving the storm 
than Diana did. 
Let's all wish them the best and enjoy this
beautiful moment in history!


  1. It is amazing that it has been 30 years. I'll record the event and watch it tomorrow. ~ Sarah

  2. I hope you have enjoyed this AM. I certainly did! I wasn't into Princess Diannes wedding but sure am enjoying this one! Have a great day!

  3. Hi lovely lady. Thanks so much for sharing this Beautiful Wedding with me sweet lady. I hope you have a Great Day !!!


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