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April 10, 2011

Changes lead to more Changes!

 A couple of people I chat with commented that my striped cabinet seemed a bit large for the spot I had it in.  I think I always knew it, but after the second person said it, it was enough to motivate me to move it.  One of my friends suggested I move it to the longer wall by the kitchen table.  This did present a small problem because my space is so limited. I'm known for moving furniture frequently so I had to give it a try!
 As soon as I got it over to this new spot I liked it! I did have to remove my corner curio cabinet as it wasn't fitting in with the look any longer. 
I moved it over to the corner where the chest had been, but I didn't anticipate the doorball unit being in the way.  Ultimately I have decided to remove the curio cabinet and I have started with a new look for this corner.  I'm not done with it yet so I can't show it!
 As the day progressed I played with some items to accent the chest with.
I have a mix of things going on with my house accents. I had chosen a pewter/nickle finished lamp for the kitchen table because it goes with the stainless appliances in the kitchen but I also have dark bronze accents.  So I chose this metal plate to display on the chest to draw on the lamp color. The dark candle holders draw on the picture frame and the dark bronze in the curtain rod and the knobs on the cupboards. I stuck the topiaries there for some more dimension, but I'm not settled on them yet. I think they need to be larger and have a more substantial pot.
Heres a quick shot looking back towards the kitchen showing the appliances and why I had chosen this lamp color.
By the next day I had decided to put these metal scroll accent pieces back on the wall...I played with the pieces until I found a layout I liked.
This is how it looks now and I'm happy I made the change. I'm keeping one chair off to the corner so it frees up some space but I also like it there too!
One more piece made it into the design. This picture was on the other wall with the collage I used to have.
If you've noticed in all these pictures the wall color seems to change, sometimes very beige, sometimes more golden and sometimes a hint of green! 
I'm enjoying this paint color! 
(Huntington Beige by Benjamin Moore) 

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch 


  1. Changes are always good and it brings a feeling if newness and fresh... Your striped cabinet looks good on this place and very suitable too.. and the colour goes with your dining chairs... I think its is your informal dining room... love the place very much, very sunny and airy ... Topiary goes perfect the painting as well the candles too ... I t can be used a little buffet too... Love your wrought iron wall hangings very much

  2. WOW Liz...let me first say I love that piece, I mean really love it! the new home wall is perfect for it now..it really show cases it off nicely.

  3. Love your kitchen!! Nice color change and the chest is absolutely striking! Always fun to see what you are changing up.

  4. The cabinet looks perfect in its new location, Liz. I love the entire space. Your upholstered chairs are gorgeous. The window treatments look great with your iron wall hangings. Love the new wall color, too. Great post displaying your fantastic taste. Well done!

  5. I love the striped cabinet & I love where you put it! The pewter platter is wonderful, too!

  6. amen... how one thing leads to another, yes?!! I'm surprised someone hasn't used that as a blog title yet!! Your new changes look great!

    happy weekend!


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