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March 9, 2011

2nd Time Around

Well the Amaryllis has been slow to produce the 2nd set of
blooms, here are some new pictures.  
I do love these flowers, but I must admit I am 
not fond of the plant.  
I must come up with a way to plant them so they don't need to be supported...last week one of the blooming stalks fell over
and folded itself right in half...so that brought
that set of blooms to a quick halt.  
Anyway, here are my new blooms- and on this winter day 
it's enjoyable to see...
It got so tall I had to set it on the floor to take pictures...I keep it up so my cats don't disturb it...believe me they are right nearby watching me!  
You see Riley is sitting here...what you doing Mom?
I guarantee if I leave it at their level there
will be holes pierced in the leaves!


  1. Your indoor blooming is so gorgeous Liz. very beautiful flower. love the colour very much.... I want to know your tips for this type of gardening....

  2. Oh, how I love this! Our heat system won't allow me to grow anything indoors--everything eventually dies. What a pleasure it would be to have something this beautiful to brighten those dreary winter days....


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