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September 13, 2010

Zig Zagging Decisions

My two new Pedestal Vases have gone through a real zig zag process....

I started out with the idea of them going on a floor pedestal and sitting on the floor on either side of the china cabinet....

When I brought them home and put them in the area I intended I realized they might not look as good there as I had hoped...

I set them on the dining table, and immediately felt good about them, but somehow I just wasn't convinced that this was the way to go...  

I briefly entertained the idea of them sitting on my wood tops that cover the built in cabinetry to the living room and divide the spaces between the dining and living room....

But what you can't see is on the left there is a lamp and some other candlesticks that are new and this competes with the lamp in proportion and scale

I started buzzing the internet at pictures of French decorating and saw this picture that gave me my final idea....

So my version has just begun, but here is my start..... 
I've stripped off most everything from the mantel so it looks a bit naked.  The metal swan feature is going to be replaced with an arch mirror....

I've always wanted a mirror there but had been given advice that I shouldn't put a mirror there because of something to do with it being so high up and not reflecting anything.  I never fully agreed.  I have seen so many fireplace mantels with a mirror and many are high up, that I decided to go with my instincts and try a mirror.  After all, the mirror will reflect some amount of room light, as well as reflect anything that gets placed in front of it, and it will reflect some portion of the dining room and I don't see that as all bad!  The arch mirror seems to me to be a perfect marriage since it reflects the same shape seen in the windows and the wall above the mantel..

I will post the mirror when it arrives....and I will be working on ideas for decorating the rest of the mantel.  I think it's time for some crystal too!

I did order these topiary balls to set on top of the pedestal vases... 
This is picture of the mantel before I started making changes........

 I believe you have to be open minded and see all possibilities when decorating.  I never envisioned these pedestal vases to be on the mantel.
I am finally embracing my desire to decorate with a French style.  I've been playing with it in my kitchen area, which has a blend of Tuscan in it.  There will be a few other accents changed as I go along to pull this look together.


  1. I do believe you are correct, you have to be open minded and think outside the box....works for me, so I think:)

  2. I love the vases Liz!! I like them on the mantel!

  3. Thank-you, I can't wait to get it pulled together. I have ideas floating through my head, just have to get a few items yet!

  4. Omigosh I saw those urns in your other post and drooled all over my keyboard. I think they look stunning flanking the fireplace. Great job and if you ever decide to part with them, gimme a call! LOL!!


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