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September 2, 2010

Fall Bug, I've Got It!!

Yep, I've got the bug!  The Fall Decorating Bug!  I don't usually start so early but somehow this year the smells of cinnamon and apples have gotten into my blood!


 Today I decided to change my decorative bowl accent to a fall display.
This is the before picture....

  I picked up a moss mat to line the bowl with. I needed something to hide the cereal bowl that I placed upside down (which I used so I could get the candle to be higher up for a better look) and put tacky wax in a few spots to keep it from moving. I put the moss over it, tucked and formed it into the sides and then I cut it to follow the round edge.

 I put potpourri around the outside of the candle and tossed on these little tiny pumpkins I found at the store...

I'm glad I found the little pumpkins I think they gave it just the right touch!

This is the after picture!

I'm happy with the transformation, it should take me right into Thanksgiving!


  1. How cute Liz I was thinking about starting some fall deco too the colors of fall are so warm and comfy. I don't think it's to early it will be Thanksgiving in less then 12 weeks and only 16 weeks until Christmas Can you believe that!!

  2. mmmm....I can smell the smells from here Liz. Thanks for dropping by.


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