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September 6, 2010

Cock a doodle doo!

I've been adding roosters to my life more and more....these are my new dishes....I  love how cheerful they are, excellent for mornings!  Heck anytime of the day!  


This is Napoli Rooster by Pfaltzgraff

I placed my new whimsical rooster piece in the cupboard with the dishes....just having some fun! But I think I will leave it there because I like it!

This a platter and plate from the set...

This is Daybreak by Pfaltzgraff

A view of my tiny galley style kitchen. I have waterglass in the doors, which I chose so it would diffuse the look as you view the cupboards and allow me to not worry about having everything perfect..I have my old Mikasa-Brywood set in the other cupboard. A full 12 pc. place setting collection with platters, serving bowls and more.  It's too large for me to store anywhere else (small house, not enough storage!)


  1. HI Liz ~ Lovin' those Roosters!!! So cute. Thanks for stopping by and as for your question regarding the hydrangeas: Yes, its simply cut and put in a vase. NO WATER. They will dry just as they are. Enjoy!!

  2. Liz, your Roosters are so cute! Love the new additions. Your playful little rooster is adorable. Looks like you are having fun with them. I did notice you purchased the other matching pieces.


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