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September 23, 2010

Artichokes and Roses

Well, I have found myself putting together another project.... I saw these artichokes displayed in a bowl, and then I noticed a box of them and they were on sale, so I bought the whole box. I didn't have a plan, but I felt I wanted them just the same!

I was admiring these pottery pieces at the same store
and eventually decided the two were getting together!
Then I visualized it with a cone shape and decided to make it a topiary....
 I realized the cone wasn't tall enough, so I glued another styrofoam piece in first with hot glue...

 Then I stuffed moss around it to make sure it wouldn't move and glued the cone piece on top with some glue they sell just for working with styrofoam.

Now it's ready to go!
 I started gluing the artichokes one by one, which took a while because they wanted to slide down until the glue cooled off (I did a lot of blowing) LOL....
 I started with four around the bottom, then the next row was another four, but above the vacant spot left below, and then two and finally two more towards the top....

 Then I cut the roses off their stems and started randomly poking them in the styrofoam.  Eventually I snipped the leaves off the stems and did the same with them...

Just about complete here...
 There are gaps to be filled yet with moss, the picture doesn't show them up, but there are spots that you can see the styrofoam.....

And here is my final product!  What do you think?  


  1. Beautiful Liz. Great design. I love artichokes too and you got them all on sale. I like your projects.

  2. I think that is adorable, and so very clever!

  3. Gorgeous! Your topiary looks fantastic! Thanks for stopping by today and for the nice comment!

  4. Oh my - this topiary is gorgeous! And, you made it look so easy! Wow! I am off to look around your pages some - and see what else can inspire me! Blessings, Patti

  5. Hi lovely lady. You did a Beautiful job. Thanks so much for stopping by with your comments ~~~`


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