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August 31, 2010

Pottery Barn to the Rescue!

I have a constant issue with the clutter at the end of the counter in my kitchen.  It's a spot close to the walk-in area from the back door and all the mail gets piled there.  I always have those things I can't decide what to do with and                    

I started using this basket for putting them in...... The opening is a standard 8 x 11 paper size, but no room for anything else...I needed more space to place more items, like my note pads, pens, and the mail pile!

This is my new basket from Pottery Barn...much larger and more stylish!

(The Farina Farm Wire collection)

I also found these wonderful cloth napkins at Pottery Barn that I planned to use as a liner for the basket....

These are extra cloth napkins I also bought so I can change the look whenever I feel the urge!

I also found the Farm Wire candle holder and this adorable clay pot with a sunflower...they have such interesting stuff there!

I lined the inside bottom of the candle holder with the "hydrangea clippings" they sell at Pottery Barn....

Here is the basket with the mail and note pads in it... Hopefully this will work better than my last idea!

This glass vase and potpourri are also from Pottery Barn ..yummy scent of  Autumn Spice....

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