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August 16, 2018

A Sicilian Luncheon!

Let's take the jet and head over to Sicily for an afternoon luncheon!

Clipped from the garden this morning- fresh flowers would be a must!

Sicilian ceramics known for their vibrant colors and intricate motifs found in their famous Maiolica pottery is the inspiration for the tablecloth design.

Simple chambray blue napkins (I got from Crate & Barrel last year).  Placemats decorated with seashells from a local store a good while back.

The seashore dinnerware (from Pottery Barn) seems like a perfect choice for a luncheon on the island of Sicily 🐟

Topped with a seashore clam plate sets the table beautifully!

My inspiration for the table was this Williams Sonoma tablecloth (found at an outlet).

Some candlelight and wine glasses a must!

Thank you for joining me for a Sicilian Luncheon!

Say a little prayer for Carmen.  She's having some health problems and we're treating her with prednisone.  She's a tiny one and her weight dropped to 5 lb.s 11 oz.  She's 9 1/2 yrs. old and generally healthy but her blood work showed some problems with the digestive track and protein level in her blood.  Hoping this will get her back on track.

Between Naps On The Porch

August 13, 2018

Oops I did it again!

I said in a recent post I was done with projects and it was time to kick back and relax but I found yet another project to do!
Out back is a large clump maple tree.  It has a fast sloping side down to a flat area that we travel through frequently.  We've kept it covered with mulch for years and i recently decided to add hostas to it.

I added more hostas and then even more!

My design idea is that the smaller ones below will create a ribbon like border below the larger hostas above.  In time this will be quite full and the hostas will be large enough to all touch each other.

Centered is an Autumn Frost hosta (white edged) framed with two Stained Glass Hostas (bright lime green) and just above them are some real tall ones called Angels that have a green edge and white center.  The bottom row are called Bedazzled.  I found them in little pots for around $5 at a garden center.  I'm tempted to go lower with more but I should be patient and see how this looks next year!

The big cement leaf (up on the right) was a gift from Dan's sister.  She molded a leaf in sand with cement and made them.  I usually have some water sitting in it and it gets emptied frequently.  There is a hemlock to the far right that will be moved this fall.  It started all by itself (likely from a pine cone in our mulch) and Dan insisted on keeping it not knowing what it was.  It will become way too large to stay there so it has to get transplanted.

I brought in a long hose that sprinkles the area.  It's not working out all that well but it helps.  This is an evening shot when a the sun hits it for a little while.
So Ooops I did it again!  

August 1, 2018

August Greetings and Happy 96th Mom!

Wow is the first day of August!
It's been a wonderful summer here so far and I'm looking forward to much more of it!

It's my Mother's 96th Birthday so I decided to put a little garden themed table together with her in mind.  We live 250 miles apart but I will see her in a few days.

I made this arrangement up last March when Michael's was in full swing with spring and summer florals.  I found the wooden crate there too.  My mother likes soft and feminine colors so that's the color scheme I went for.

I relocated my bistro set recently after hubby re-stained the deck.  We picked up a small rug and umbrella to give it a complete look.  Lowe's was pretty picked over but we managed to find these two pieces and I am pleased.

My mother's favorite color is blue so I used the Lenox melamine blue dish as a base.  These Pier 1 dishes offer a bouquet of summery blooms so you really can pick and choose which background color you want.

The Napkins have all the right summery colors and I chose these clay pot napkin rings to compliment the garden themed tablescape.

Since the birthstone for August is Peridot I choose the green placemats.

The sun is starting to shine on this area so I opened the umbrella.

 I relocated the planters and we flipped the big dining set to the other side of the deck.

We've been able to sit out here more comfortably now that we have the umbrella to block the sun and we're enjoying the different view we have here.

Looking back to the other end where the bistro set and planters used to be on the right.  It's a big deck 14' x 38' so there's plenty of room.  For socializing we can move some of the dining chairs closer to the bistro.

Well-that's a wrap!
August Greetings and Happy 96th Mom!

I will be joining:


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