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February 22, 2014

Sunny Days- Gotta Love 'em!

The dawn of a new day

The morning sun

The Amaryllis in their glory contrasting so 
nicely against the white of winter
 It's been a pleasure watching these bloom

Evening's silhoutte has arrived

I'm joining
My Little Home and Garden


  1. Hello Liz
    The beautiful dawn sky looks wonderful through the trees - such glorious colours.
    I can see the lovely bunch of amyrillis brings you much pleasure during the winter months.
    Nice you can still see your little angel in all the snow.... it won't be too long now and there will be green grass and flowers again!
    Easy for me to say from the other side of the world on a sunny but very windy day!
    I'm following you now.

  2. Beautiful sky! We had a nice sunny and relatively warm day today. It will be somewhat the same tomorrow. BUT winter is coming back next week. :( your flowers are just perfect to warm us up.

  3. I really enjoyed your first photo of the sunrise. Those trees look so very tall and straight.

  4. Hi Liz,

    Glorious shot of the sunrise and beautiful blooming Amaryllis by the window; both vibrant visions of winter.

    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week!


  5. I'm glad you captured the sun through the trees as it moved along and finally lit up the angel in the snow. The amaryllis has brought some sunshine to me today, nice colour and I see each stem is staked.

  6. Beautiful pictures! I can't believe how much snow you all still have. It sure has been a hard wonter, even down here in the south of Texas. Enjoy your weekend! Maria

  7. Good Morning, Liz

    It's pretty, how you caught the pathway of the sunlight throughout the day, arriving with all the drama of a colourful sunrise, then its more subtle passage through the day and landing on the angel in the snow.

    The amaryllis blooms are gorgeous; mine have now faded, but I'm going to attempt to save the bulb and try to get it to bloom again next year.

    I always enjoy seeing photos of your beautiful property at Sunlit Sunday. (I like the cheery, pink gingham backdground too.)


  8. I love your pictures. The sparkle of the snow in that last pic is gorgeous.

  9. Beautiful photos, absolutely stunning! :)

  10. Red amaryllis against the snowy background...exquisite! Lovely photos! Smiles...Susan

  11. Oh your Amaryllis' are stunning, seems they have put off many flowers for you. I was about to ask what the hand was in the snow then the last picture of sunset showed me. Have a wonderful week, enjoy

  12. Beautiful photos. Love the glimpse of sunshine through the trees, and the amaryllis blossoms are so lush and plentiful.
    Enjoy your week.

  13. What beautiful pictures, Liz. Are those lights strung between the trees? I love the angel sticking up out of the snow, and that first picture, the sunrise, was gorgeous. You are having a huge success with your Amaryllis! It's beautiful. laurie

  14. Beautiful photos! Love the Amaryllis!


  15. This is so pretty, Liz! I'm up early most every day during the week, but I never have time (or MAKE time is probably the more accurate way to put that!) to look out the window and appreciate all the beauty that exists. When I look out, I'm surveying how much snow is on the ground vs. how safe it is for Ramon to get on the road. This makes me realize what I'm missing!


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