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December 4, 2010

Getting in the spirit!

Getting in the spirit of the holiday....starting with my manger scene....
  We're going to get a lot of snow over the weekend.  Winter has come upon us quickly up north here.  I'm steadily working on my decorating.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Tell me what you are up to this weekend!


  1. Cold weather is a great excuse to stay inside and decorate and fill the house with the wonderful smells of pumpkin bread or Christmas cookies! We are just doing some yard cleanup, going to get a live tree, some other misc chores and maybe some shopping. Of course we are going to church tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  2. Liz, enjoy your snow! It's a good time to decorate. I love your Manger vignette. Today we are going out for breakfast, then off to buy a live tree. I will be making some cake balls and truffles for Leslie's Xmas party tonight. She always has a cookie exchange. Stay warm! Linda

  3. Hi Liz!!! Your blog looks great!!! I'm going to take a nap this afternoon. Keeping up with little ones is exhausting!

  4. Your new Nativity is GORGEOUS, Liz! I love it! Thanks for visiting too!!!! XO, Pinky PS, Linda is my Blog Angel too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi Liz love the Nativity scene very pretty! I am home after working all day I plan to clean this evening and get to bed got to work again tomorrow then I will be cleaning the house in the late afternoon. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi lovely lady. I love your Nativity scene for the Christmas Holidays just so Beautiful Liz.
    I hope you have a Great Day sweet lady.


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